How Ancient Aristotelian Values are portrayed in farming-sim Stardew Valley

Art by mnstrcndy : Tumbler

The Ancients, understandably, had a unique understanding and value set associated with farming and agriculture. One such ancient to comment on agriculture was Cato the Elder, a 2nd Century BC Roman Statesman and orator. Cato wrote that “it is from the farming class that the bravest men and the sturdiest soldiers come, their calling is most highly respected, their livelihood is most assured and is looked on with the least hostility, and those who are engaged in that pursuit are least inclined to be disaffected”(p3). In fact, Cato wrote an entire book, De Agricultura (On Agriculture), where he outlines the…

Ethan Pine

Ethan is a student at Wabash College where he studies rhetoric and film & digital media

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